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May, 26th 2017

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China Steel Intelligence

Issue 13 03 May 2017

CSI: Q1 Too Good To Last

We hope you enjoyed the steel market in Q1, because it is unlikely to be repeated any time soon. The combination of factors which made the quarter so positive for prices, and profitable for steelmakers, is already fading away. That will impact both prices and margins, and Chinese steelmakers which did not do well in the last quarter are likely to struggle through the rest of the year.


Issue 12 04 Apr 2017

CSI: Asian Steel Market at a Turning Point

Asian steel markets are at turning points in both the short and long term. Luckily for us, this coincides perfectly with Kallanish Asia Steel Markets, which was held at the heart of changes in steel trade in Ho Chi Min City on 28-29 March. In the short term, China is seeing its steel markets turn downwards as some of the optimism of the start of the year fades. Several end use sectors are likely to confirm this trend as we will see from the latest data below.

Issue 11 28 Feb 2017

Capacity vs demand: is China finally winning the battle?

China’s steel market is heading into the period of peak demand on a very positive note, with prices for steel and iron ore soaring. Data is scarce in the first month of each year but in this issue we first look at market inventories, which appear to have peaked, and real demand, which is only just kicking off. Despite 2017 demand expected to be down slightly year-on-year, the sequential change in demand should be enough to fight off the bears for a few more weeks at least.

Issue 10 31 Jan 2017

Turning the tide of Chinese steel exports

As the Chinese steel market enters the New Year holiday, steel and steelmaking raw material prices remain high and the market is optimistic that buying after the holidays will be strong. There remains however a fundamental issue, which is that real steel demand should be down in 2017 and raw materials prices already look unsupported.