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January, 24th 2020

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Weekly Steel

Issue31-18 July 31, 2018

Kallanish Steel Weekly: Iron ore/scrap differential drops, raw materials diverge

As anticipated, last week iron ore firmed further while scrap reached the lowest point registered so far in 2018. The diverging trends of the two raw materials has reduced the differential, this having been at record levels for most of the current year.

Iron ore once again rose above the …

Issue30-18 July 24, 2018

Kallanish Steel Weekly: Raw materials remain stable week-on-week

Last week the global raw materials market remained stable as the relative quietness of August approaches and views on the market regarding the developments of prices in the next weeks are mixed. Iron ore closed last week at slightly below $64/t CFR Qingdao having continued to be range-bound at $62-64/t …

Issue29-18 July 17, 2018

Kallanish Steel Weekly: Trade war bites into Chinese steel demand

On  11 July, the US announced plans to impose 10% duties on another $200 billion of Chinese goods. These could impact some 3 million tonnes/year of demand for Chinese steel, far more than the section 232 tariffs. The more important impact may still lie in China’s response, which could boost …

Issue28-18 July 10, 2018

Kallanish Steel Weekly: Iron ore/scrap spread remains firm

The differential between iron ore prices in China and scrap levels in Turkey remained steady last week despite the slight reduction of scrap levels since the March peak.

Currently, the spread is some $290/tonne. Scrap is holding at above $350/t cfr Turkey and iron ore continues to fluctuate between $62/t …