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Kallanish Kallanish

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December, 17th 2018

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MAR 09

CISA calls for revenge on US steel tariffs


The China Iron & Steel Association(CISA) is calling on its government "... to take revenge" on the United States steel industry after president Trump signed import tariffs into effect on Thursday. It recommends targeting steel imports such as stainless, galvanized coils, seamless pipe as well as other products including coal, electronics and agricultural products, Kallanish notes.

“Before the 232 investigation the US has taken over a dozen anti-dumping and countervailing remedy measures against several major steel products,” says CISA secretary general Liu Zhenjiang. "More steel peers from other places in the world should join together to turn against the US government.”

Liu gave a strong response to the 25% steel tariffs on 9 March during a CCTV interview, saying CISA is firmly against such behaviour which disrupts global trade rules and hurts downstream consumers. CISA is suggesting that China take strong action towards steel imports from US, and other products. Liu also points out that China is conducting a massive restructuring of its steel industry, on which it will continue to make progress in the future. 

The Ministry of Commerce also released a statement in which Wang Hejun, head of the trade remedy and investigation bureau said China "... will take effective action to safeguard its rightful interests." Wang also noted that the measure has been protested not only by other governments but by US congressmen, industrial organisations and companies.

US Department of Commerce data show that Chinese steel imports into the USA were just over 800,000 tonnes (see separate article). This represents oly 2,3% of total steel imports into the USA.