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May, 26th 2017

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Middle East Steel Markets 2017

Steel 04 Oct 2017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2 days 650.0 (Super Early Bird)

Join the Kallanish Middle East Steel Markets 2017 conference this 4-5th October 2017 in Dubai. In 2016 the Middle East retook the title of world’s fastest-growing region for crude steel production, as its four largest-producing nations recorded a combined 7.6% year-on-year output increase to 29.03 million tonnes, according to worldsteel data.

This two day conference will address the following questions and issues in 9 detailed sessions: 

  • Oil Prices and Steel Markets - How has the Middle East adapted to the oil downturn?
  • Evolving Raw Materials - Will gas supply and currency issues continue to hamper DRI output? Can HBI imports and regional scrap supply continue to be an alternative?
  • Trade Defence - Is the time finally right for the region to put measures into place?
  • Iran Steel Focus - What are the prospects for Iranian steel demand and supply? Is the capacity expansion target of 50 million tonnes/year achievable?
  • Saudi Arabia - To what extent has Saudi Arabia successfully implemented recent reforms to move away from dependence on oil, and what is its outlook for steel demand?
  • Turkey to become anet flat steel exporter - How likely is Turkey to expand its flats supply to the Middle East as the region’s economies mature, given domestic suppliers are increasingly satisfying longs demand?
  • Egypt market focus - To what extent will domestic steel supply and demand benefit from improved natural gas supply and infrastructure projects? 

All these topics and more are set to be discussed at Kallanish’s Middle East Steel Markets 2017 in October. 


Who attends?

This event offers an unparalleled opportunity to network with top executives from the regional steel market as well as the global steel supply chain.

Trading companies, Steel producers, Steel service centers, Banks and financial institutions, Mining companies, Industry consultants, Recylcers, Frieght & Logistics, Brokers, Fund Managment, Engineering Companies, Industry Associations, Government


Sponsorship & Exhibiting

Sponsorship and exhibition packages at Kallanish events offer the opportunity to increase your brand awareness, raising your company profile pre event, during the event and post event. A range of options is available to suit any budget and can be customised to suit your needs.

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The Address Dubai Mall
Address: 5-STAR, P.O. Box 31166, Dubai, UAE, GPS Location: 25.199777,55.27732m
Phone: + 971 4 438 8888 

Located at the heart of trendy Downtown Dubai, overlooking the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa, and attached to The Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping and entertainment destinations in the world, Address Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai is always in vogue.

Middle East Steel Markets 2017 04 Oct 2017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • 08:00-09:00


  • 09:00-10:30

    Session 1: Setting the Scene


    Middle East and North Africa (MENA) economic outlook

    • How have GCC economic adapted to lower oil prices?
    • Have Egyptian economic prospects improved given gas discovery and currency flotation?
    • What is the outlook for Iraq’s economy once ‘ISIS’ is defeated?
    • Has Algerian economic growth hit a snag?

    MENA steel market outlook

    • How has the region’s steel market performed in 2017?
    • What are main opportunities and threats foreseen for 2018?
    • Where will UAE demand come from post-Expo 2020?
    • Has the region learnt from over-investing into new capacity?
    • Will MENA steel demand continue to rely on oil or is diversification being stepped up?
  • 10:30-10:45

    Coffee Break

  • 10:45-12:15

    Session 2: GCC steel markets adapt to the oil downturn


    Saudi Arabia steel responds to reduced demand

    • How have producers adapted to reduced oil-funded steel demand?
    • To what extent have mills’ pricing policies become more flexible as a result of increased competition?
    • What is the prospect for Saudi exports following the issuing of the first export licences?
    • Will the China-origin billet import uptrend continue?
    • Opportunity for local wire rod producers to displace imports from China

    Improving margins for GCC re-rollers

    • How higher global prices have allowed re-rollers to regain regional market share. Is this trend sustainable?
    • Is sourcing billet from regional producers, such as UAE, Oman and Iran, the new norm?

    Prospects for Middle East pipemakers

    • Will the oil price recovery stimulate investment and Middle Eastern pipe demand?
    • Outlook for regional construction and industrial pipe demand

    Is GCC finally using trade defence measures?

    • Prospects for regional trade defence following launch of first steel investigations
    • Will new UAE trade law lead to probes separate from GCC?
    • Why the push for trade defence now after so many years of talk?
    • What is the outlook for steel prices in the region?
  • 12:15-13:30


  • 13:30-15:30

    Session 3: Evolving raw materials


    Prospects for iron ore pellet supply

    • To what extent are pellet suppliers meeting demand from DRI producers?
    • Are current high pellet premiums sustainable?

    Adapting to short DR-pellet supply

    • How have pellet shortages and high pellet premiums impacted Middle East DRI output?
    • Has the region taken steps to alleviate gas shortages that hamper DRI production?
    • Has the region taken steps to alleviate gas shortages that hamper DRI production?
    • To what extent has local scrap use increased to offset tighter pellet availability?
    • Are HBI imports from Malaysia seen as a sustainable alternative to regional output?

    UAE as a scrap supplier

    • Will supplies to UAE/GCC steelmakers continue to grow?
    • Prospects for scrap exports to the Indian subcontinent

    Prospects for increased domestic DRI supply in Egypt

    • Progress of Ezz Steel DRI plant ramp up
    • Effect of greater DRI availability on Ezz Steel’s steelmaking
    • Outlook for Egyptian DRI production/supply
  • 15:30-15:45

    Coffee Break

  • 15:45-17:00

    Session 4: Panel discussion


    What direction is the Middle East market heading in?

    • Trade Defence
    • Price Defence
  • 08:00-09:00


  • 09:00-10:30

    Session 5: Middle East finance


    Credit market overview of GCC

    • Sovereigns’ credit profile developments and impact on budgets
    • Alternative financing models for steel-consuming infrastructure projects

    Middle East steel financing and investment

    • Is the Middle East still an attractive location for steel investment?
    • What are the financing options available to steel investors?
  • 10:30-11:00

    Coffee Break

  • 11:00-13:00

    Session 6: Middle East and North Africa steel markets


    Egypt market focus

    • Will government eventually reduce gas prices for steelmakers? How crucial is this for DRI producers?
    • The prospects for increased domestic steel production and reduced need for billet imports
    • Will increased dollar reserves make raw materials imports more affordable?
    • The impact on imports of Egypt’s rebar and wire rod anti-dumping investigation
    • To what extent will steel production and consumption benefit from natural gas supply improvement?
    • Progress of infrastructure/construction projects, such as Egypt’s much-touted new capital city

    Algeria steel demand potential

    • What is the outlook for Algerian steel demand?
    • Will imports cease following the launch of new capacities?
  • 13:00-14:00

    Lunch Break

  • 14:00-15:30

    Session 7: Iran looks to exports to offset sluggish local demand



    • Will Iranian semi-finished product exports continue to grow?
    • When will Iran’s local construction sector recover?
    • Is the 50 million tonnes/year crude steel capacity target by 2025 achievable?
    • How is Iran’s oil & gas sector modernisation progressing?
    • To what extent have steel imports risen post-sanctions?
    • To what extent has access to finance improved?

    Raw Materials

    • Will Iran emerge as a pellet exporter in the short-term?
    • Has Iran re-emerged as an iron ore supplier to China post-sanctions?
    • Have Iranian steelmakers increased the scrap content in their feedstock mix?
  • 15:30-15:45

    Coffee Break

  • 15:45-16:45

    Session 8: Turkey market focus

    • Crude steel production rebounded in 2016 and Q1 2017 after three years of decline. What is driving this?
    • Can Turkish EAF mills sustain their improved competitiveness as a result of higher iron ore and Chinese steel prices?
    • Will Chinese billet imports return to Turkey and depress scrap prices once again?
    • How are Turkish rebar mills reacting to being shut out of traditional markets such as the US, UAE and Egypt?
    • Will Turkey finally increase its flat product capacity utilisation and direct output to export, for example to the Middle East to replace reduced longs supply?
    • To what extent have Turkish mills preferred to export billet over rebar this year?
    • Has Turkish local scrap supply increased to ease the impact on mills of fluctuating US scrap prices?
  • 16:45-17:30

    Session 9: World economic and steel outlook

  • 17:30-17:45

    Conference Closing

    • Closing Remarks
    • Final Questions

Middle East Steel Markets 2017 04 Oct 2017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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