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September, 23rd 2018

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Euro-Turkey Flat Steel Seminar

Steel 24 Oct 2018, Istanbul, Turkey 1 day 850.0 (Full Prices)




Join the Kallanish Euro-Turkey Flat Seminar on the 24th October 2018 held with co-hosts CIB, TCUD, and YISAD, at the distinguished Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul. 

Important: All members organisations of CIB, TCUD, and YISAD save an extra €100 on their registration.

The steel industry has been rattled by US Section 232 tariffs which threaten to put a dampener on trade and the encouraging global economic growth seen since 2016. Turkey is dependent on free movement of goods to import the raw materials required to produce steel and then export finished steel to the many countries it ranks among its export markets. With a potential trade war on the horizon, to what extent is this business model likely to be disrupted and how can the effects be mitigated?

Turkey has offset declined downstream coil exports to the US with increased shipments to EU countries, while hot rolled flats exports to Italy have increased considerably. The trade has gone both ways. Last year France and Germany recorded increases in supply of some flats categories to Turkey. Potential exists for suppliers on both sides to further develop trade, with steel consumption growth forecasts seen favourable in both the EU and Turkey. However, there is a big question mark over whether this trend will be disrupted by the outcome of the EU’s current safeguard investigation into steel supply diverted away from the US after 232.

With so many factors to consider, it is important the industry meets to at EU-TR to exchange ideas and discuss strategies that can help bring some clarity our business decisions.




The Kallanish Euro-Turkey Flat Seminar 2018 will be held at the Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul.

Address: Cirgan Caddesi 32, 34349 Istanbul
Telephone: +90 212 326 4646
Map: Click here




We are proud to be partnering with our co-hosts for the Kallanish Euro-Turkey Flat Seminar with CIB, TCUD and YISAD. All member companies of the associations below qualify for an additional €100 off the prevailing rate!

Steel Exporters' Association is a non-profit business organization of more than 1250 companies representing the largest steel producers and exporters in the Turkish steel industry. It carries on its operations with the aim of increasing the export potential of the Turkish steel industry and paves the way for Turkish steel producers/exporters, with main objective to foster and attain sustainable global steel market based on free and fair trade. The Association also solves the problems of its member companies face at home and abroad, provides contact between members and foreign importers in order to ease the export processes, serves up-to-date domestic and global market news, reports and analyses. To learn more about the Turksh Steel Exporters Association please visit:


The Turkish Steel Producers Association was founded in 1970, firstly to bring the Turkish iron and steel industry to the level of developed countries; to build a structure that can keep pace with the developments in the world everywhere; and gather statistical information on world steel industry; to discuss the problems our members face; to apply all the necessary legal means to produce and resolve solutions; and has been established with the aim of communicating the results of its activities to the relevant public and private sector organizations and to the public since the date of its establishment. There are 26 members of our association which are composed of producer organizations.  To learn more about the Turkish Steel Producers Association please visit:


YISAD, based in Istanbul, was established in 2003 and represents the complete scope of the flat steel sector: hot rolled, cold rolled & galvanized flat steel producers, steel service centers, distributors, traders and tube mills operating in the Turkish steel market. To learn more about YISAD please visit:


We have a limited number of media partnership opportunities available.  To apply please click here.




Platinum Sponsor: Çolakoğlu

For more information visit:

Çolakoğlu’s involvement in the iron and steel business began with the steel trade business that our founder Mehmet Rüştü Çolakoğlu started in Karaköy, Istanbul, in 1945. The first meltshop went into production in Dilovası in 1969 to supply billets to the domestic market. Thereafter, Çolakoğlu enlarged its product line by starting production of wirerods in 1985 and production of reinforcing bars in 1990. With the meltshop and hot stip mill investments, initiated in 2005, Çolakoğlu is one of the pioneers of Turkish iron and steel industry. The company’s new melt shop was commissioned in 2007 and the new hot strip mill was commissioned in June 2010.
Up to 2010 Çolakoğlu Metalurji’s production was focused on long products, namely, billets, reinforcing bars, wirerods and debars in coils. With its half century of experience in steel production, Colakoğlu has now added hot rolled coils to its product range and has started addressing higher value-added segments such as pipes, automotive, white goods, machinery and structural steel. Its 3 million mt crude steel capacity meltshop enables it to produce 2.5 million mt of billets or 3 million mt of slabs. 3 million mt of Colakoğlu’s hot rolling mill capacity is currently in use. Its hot rolled coil production capacity may reach 4.5 million mt with additional investments.
Colakoğlu’s meltshop is among the most modern crude steel production plants in the world. Production is made with one of the largest electric arc furnaces in the world of 320 mt casting capacity. The company proved its determination in its efforts to bring state-of-the-art technologies to Turkey by investing in a new meltshop and rolling mill for flat products. With its seven-stand line, Çolakoğlu’s facility is able to produce a wide range of materials from low carbon steels suitable for cold forming up to oil and gas pipes, in thicknesses of 1.1-25.4 mm and widths of 800-1,650 mm.
In the coming period, Çolakoğlu Metalurji is aiming to increase both its competitiveness in the international markets and its profitability by making use of the advantages of mass production and focusing on high value-added products.




SteelData is the largest online steel statistics bank of Turkey. It provides accurate and most comprehensive Turkish steel statistics in a regular basis. SteelData, provides solutions to your information and consultancy requirements, take the pulse of the steel industry via its the meetings and conferences.


The ITA is the sole globally active membership association for the tube & pipe industries. As a technical and market information platform, it offers a unique range of benefits, services and events to promote new technology and growth within our industry. Individuals in more than 70 countries worldwide have already discovered the world of difference ITA membership can make to them personally and to their business.



Euro-Turkey Flat Steel Seminar 24 Oct 2018, Istanbul, Turkey

  • 08:00


  • 8:55

    Chairman’s welcome

  • 09:00

    Partner associations’ opening remarks & debate

  • 10:00

    Session 1: Setting the Scene

    • Macroeconomic Turkish Outlook 
      Turkish steel suppliers are dependent on economic growth at home and abroad to drive demand for their products, but Turkish economy performance has stuttered this year, while global growth is under threat from rising protectionism. How is global economic growth likely to fare in the coming twelve months, what will be the main factors to watch, and how will these impact steel-consuming sectors?
    • Turkey & EU flat steel outlook
      Strong demand for Turkish vehicles has supported flats consumption in recent years, while Italy and Spain are proving to be steady markets for Turkish flats exports. Russia remains the dominant supplier of Turkish flats imports. What is the likelihood of these dynamics changing in the near term? What is the outlook for flats-consuming sectors in Turkey and Europe, and how will this impact flats prices in either market?
  • 11:00

    Coffee Break & Speed-Meet”

  • 11:30

    Session 2: Trade and competition in Europe’s flat steel market

    • European flats capacity – M&A, capacity expansions, trade issues
      With the flurry of mergers and acquisitions activity seen in the European flat steel market this year, the ownership of considerable flats supply is changing hands and consolidating. Moreover, new EU safeguard measures are seen limiting imports into Europe. How will these factors affect flats availability and competition on the continent? To what extent will flats trade between Turkey and the EU be impacted?
    • EU flats trade flow developments
      In 2017 the EU registered a decline in hot rolled flats imports from non-EU sources, while intake of cold rolled flats and metallic coated flats imports grew. What further impact will new EU safeguard measures have on trading patterns, and how will this affect steel end-users in Europe?
    • Turkish flats supply to Europe – opportunities and threats
      Turkey has relied heavily on Italy and Spain for flats exports in recent periods. With the threat of EU safeguard measures, will Turkish suppliers need to find alternative export markets or will shipments to fellow Mediterranean countries continue? What are the overall prospects for Turkish flats sales to Europe going forward?
    • The merits of moving from EAF to BF
  • 13:00


  • 14:30

    Session 3: Changing dynamics in Turkey’s downstream coil market & new capacity investments

    • Turkey’s downstream coil market & new capacity investments in numbers
      Turkish steel export growth this year have been driven by flat products, with rebar hit by trade barriers in various regions, although when it comes to imports long products have been the growth driver. Flats have also spurred Turkish steel consumption growth while longs use is down from 2017. Are these trends likely to continue for the remainder of 2018 and into 2019? What have been Turkey’s main top export and import products this year, and what are the destinations and sources? Will Turkish steelmakers be able to continue relying on strong domestic flats consumption and export demand?
    • CRC/HDG exporter discussing alternatives to US market
      The US has in recent periods been the largest export market for Turkish cold rolled flats and one of the largest for Turkish coated flats. Will Turkish suppliers lose this market as a result of Section 232 tariffs? What are the prospects of alternative export markets available to Turkish suppliers? What is the outlook for Turkish domestic CR and coated flats consumption?
    • CRC/HDG prospects for increasing share of domestic input material
      There has been talk in recent years of Turkey’s automotive and white goods industries increasing the share of domestically-sourced material in their feedstock mix. What progress has been made on this so far, and to what extent will this continue? Does Turkey lack certain grades that need to be imported, and what is the prospect of investment into domestic capacities to produce these?
    • CRC/HDG new Turkish capacity investments, challenges sourcing HRC, operations update
      How has the Turkish CRC and coated coil market changed in recent years with investments into new capacities, and what are the prospects for further capacity addition going forward? Turkish HRC buyers have at various points in recent years complained about a lack of domestic feedstock availability. Does this problem persist? Will it return? If so, how can it be overcome
  • 15:15

    Coffee Break

  • 16:15

    Session 4: The fate of Europe and Turkey’s flat steel processors & consumers

    • Automotive end-user outlook
      Turkish automotive production has performed strongly in recent years thanks to strong demand from export markets. Will Turkish carmakers be able to continue to rely on this, or will domestic vehicle sales need to improve to sustain automotive sector performance? What are the prospects for Turkish automotive demand and production?
    • White goods end-user outlook
      Turkey is a major white goods producer, with the industry providing demand for cold rolled and galvanized flat steel. What is the outlook for this sector over the next 12 months?
    • Pipe producers outlook
  • 17:00

    Panel Discussion

    • A broad range of issues will impact the steel sector in both Turkey and Europe in the near term. A panel discussion by some of the best-informed and influential people will help pinpoint which trends will be the most important. The panel session will be a rare opportunity to see a range of views debated face-to-face and will provide a great opportunity to put your own questions to senior figures in the sector.
  • 17:55

    Chairman's closing remarks

  • 18:00

    Networking reception

Euro-Turkey Flat Steel Seminar 24 Oct 2018, Istanbul, Turkey

Asiye Ay Celik, Board Member, CIB & Commercial Director, Tezcan Galviniz

Asiye was born in the The Netherlands in 1974. She started her education in The Netherlands and continued in Turkey where she graduated from Uludag University, Depart of Foreign Languages. In 1997 she started her career at a company in the steel industry and later moved to Tezcan Galvaniz, where she worked as an Export Manager for 3 years and Foreign Trade Manager for 10 years. She still continues works in Tezcan Galvaniz as Commercial & Administrative Director. Asiye, is married and has one son. She speaks English, Dutch and German.

Gokhan Demiruz, President, YISAD / Chairman Gokmetal

Gökhan was born at Kayseri, Turkey, in 1966. He has graduated from Kayseri Ticaret Lisesi and Istanbul University Faculty of Economics, Finance Department. Since 1983, he has been actively working within the steel industry. He is the founder of Gökmetal Sac San. Ve Dış Tic. A.S. acting as the CEO with 100% shareholding. He is also the acting Chairman of Board of Directors at YISAD, Flat Steel Import-Export and Producers Association, which was founded in 2002 by the flat steel sector companies.

Fatih Citak, Marketing and Sales Director, Erdemir

Fatih graduated from Istanbul Technical University in Industrial Engineering in 1999. He started his career at Basak Hayat Sigorta where he worked until 2003. Fatih led various marketing projects such as the establishment of new Individual Pension Firm and the launch of first multi-funded life insurance products in Turkey. From 2003 he worked at Toyota as Marketing Unit Manager. At Toyota, his CLM & Lead Management studies have been rewarded as “Best Practice” by Toyota Global Knowledge Center. In 2009, he started working at “Multiturkmall” and carried out special commercial campaigns in cooperation with Garanti Bank. Between 2010 - 2013 Fatih has worked as the Pricing and Planning Manager at Erdemir, the biggest integrated flat steel producer operating in Turkey, and since March 2013 he has held the position of Marketing Director at Erdemir.

Gorkem Bolaca, Managing Director, Galex Steel International

Gorkem received his master's degree in Management of Business Administration in 2002 from La Salle University, Philadelphia, USA. He started his career in the US, working in multinational companies such as Saint Gobain. Later, he went on to work in the stock market fortune 500 company SEI Investments as a mutual fund trader in the US. In 2005, he took a challenge in the steel industry and started to work for steel producers as an executive for export markets.  Later, he was appointed as a director of the steel desk of LN metals, a commodity trading company in London. In 2012, Gorkem founded Galex Steel International. Galex Steel is a trading house mainly focused on flat steel products and exports to Europe, Turkey, South America, Middle East and Far East. Galex represents reputable government and private mills from China, India and Turkey on regional or project basis. Galex covers global markets  through its offices in Turkey, China, India and Russia.

Gonzalo Delgado, CMO MENA & Turkey, ArcelorMittal Flat Steel Europe

Gonzalo is Chief Marketing Officer for Turkey, Middle East and North Africa at ArcelorMittal Flat Europe. A Telecommunications Engineer from the Universidad de Navarra (Spain) and MBA from ESCP-EAP (France), Gonzalo has spent most of his professional career in the steel business. Gonzalo has held several positions at ArcelorMittal in Construction, Distribution, Steel Service Centers and Flat Products in different countries in Europe and North Africa.

Şahap Ataman, Business Development Manager, SteelData

Şahap graduated from Hacettepe University in 2000 and completed masters degree in International Trade and Finance in 2015. Şahap started work at the Turkish Steel Producers Assocaition in 2000. During his 17 years at the Association, Şahap had opportunity to work within the Turkish steel industry on a broad range of aspects and gain a comprehensive and clear view of the industry. Working at the umbrella organization provided him with a unique experience of working in the steel sector on a national level. He prepared many analysis, reports, presentations and articles about the Turkish steel industry. Now he is heading SteelData, the largest online steel statistics database on the Turkish steel market.

Ahmet Soybas, Vice President, Sami Soybas Steel Industry & Trade Inc.


Ahmet was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1976. He received BSc degree in Management from the Marmara University, Istanbul in 1998 and MSc degree in International Business from the Aston University in Birmingham, UK in 2000. After completing his military service in 2000, he started working in the family company SAMI SOYBAS STEEL as Vice President. Ahmet is married and has two sons. He is General Secretary of YISAD (Turkish Flat Steel products import, export & industry Association) and member of Gebze Chamber of Commerce Council.

Murat Kula, Sales and Marketing Manager, Colakoglu Metalurji

Biography coming soon

Banu Kuner, Process Improvement & Purchasing Manager, Galva Metal

Banu was born in Izmit, Turkey, in 1979. She graduated from Marmara University in Environmental Engineering. In 2002 Banu started at Tezcan Galvaniz AS and worked there around 2 years as foreign trade operation specialist. Then moved to Celik Halat ve Tel San. AS. (Steel Wire and Wire Rope Producer, Exporter in Izmit) as export specialist. Banu worked there for 10years and left the Company as Sales and Marketing Manager. Since the beginning of 2018; she joined the Galva Metal AS family.  She is working as Process Improvement and Purchasing Manager. She is married and has one daughter.

Mehmet Zeren, Secretary General, CEBID - Turkish Steel Pipe Manufacturers Association

Mehmet, born 1962 in Karaman, earned his degree in Geological Engineering (Department of Mining) at the university of Hacettepe in 1987. Mehmet received his masters degree in the department of Business Administration in Marmara University. In 1987, Mehmet started working as “Assistant Reporter” in Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters’ Associations (İMMİB), he continued working in different administrative positions in the association for many years. Between 2009 and 2011, ZEREN held the Secretary General position in İMMİB and since 2011 he’s been working at Turkish Steel Pipe Manufacturers Association as Secretary General.

Roger Emmott - Managing Director, Roger Emmott Associates Limited

Roger has 25 years experience in the ferrous sector. He has specialised in steel end use markets and is skilled at using and interpreting trade data as part of market studies. He is a vetted Expert on steel on the UK Register of Expert Witnesses. He has extensive knowledge of the world's steel producers, EAF and integrated routes, and their raw materials requirements, downstream assets and markets. He has performed due diligence on many international steel firms, and ferrous scrap re-processors. Recent work has included flat products, automotive steels including AHSS and UHSS, plate markets, cold rolled, galvanised and pre-painted steels. He has also performed work on long products, electrical steels and tinplate. Since 1993, he has been a close observer of the steel sector in China and its impact on the world.

Euro-Turkey Flat Steel Seminar 24 Oct 2018, Istanbul, Turkey

Who is coming to Kallanish Euro-Turkey Flat Steel Seminar 2018 ?  ​

Company Position   Country  
AMSteel L.L.C. Sales Manager Saudi Arabia
AMSteel L.L.C. CEO Saudi Arabia
ArcelorMittal Europe Flats Country Head - Industry Flat Turkey
ArcelorMittal Europe Flats CMO MENA France
ASN International Managing Director Pakistan
Atlas Metal Industries L.L.C - UAE
Bamesa Aceros, S. L. Purchasing Area Manager Spain
Bamesa Çelik General Director Turkey
Bamesa Çelik Purchase and Operations Director Turkey
Borcelik Strategy Development and Marketing Senior Specialist Turkey
Borcelik Marketing Manager Turkey
Borcelik Export Area Sales Manager Turkey
Borcelik Export Manager Turkey
Borcelik Innovation & Marketing & Strategy Development Manager Turkey
Borcelik Sales Director Turkey
Borusan Mannesmann Export Manager Turkey
Borusan Mannesmann ‎Sales and Marketing Manager Turkey
Borusan Mannesmann Purchasing Unit Manager Turkey
Borusan Mannesmann Executive Vice President Turkey
Borusan Mannesmann Supplier Development Unit Manager Turkey
Borusan Mannesmann Executive Vice President Turkey
Borusan Mannesmann Purchasing Manager Turkey
Broekman Group General Manager Sales Netherlands
Broekman Logistics Division BV. Sales Manager Netherlands
Carmeuse Europe Key Accounts Manager Industry United Kingdom
CEBID - Turkish Steel Pipe Manufacturers Association Board Member Turkey
CEBID - Turkish Steel Pipe Manufacturers Association Board Member Turkey
CEBID - Turkish Steel Pipe Manufacturers Association Secretary General Turkey
CIB - Turkish Steel Exporters' Association Analyst Turkey
CIB - Turkish Steel Exporters' Association Market Research Analyst Turkey
CIB - Turkish Steel Exporters' Association Board Member Turkey
CMI S.A. Sales Manager Belgium
Cofralux SA Managing Director Luxembourg
Colakoglu Metalurji Sales and Marketing Manager Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Sales Manager Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Sales Director Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Export Manager Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Marketing Supervisor Turkey
Cumic Steel Limited Senior Trader Turkey
DNT Company Limited Director United Kingdom
DNT Company Limited Director United Kingdom
Erdemir Market Research & Analysis Supervisor Turkey
Erdemir Marketing & Sales Director Turkey
Galex Steel International Foreign Trade Manager Turkey
Galex Steel International Managing Director United Kingdom
Galva Metal Export specialist Turkey
Galva Metal Process Improvement and Purchasing Manager Turkey
Gokmetal Sac Sanayi ve Dis Tic A.S. Chairman Turkey
Koddaert NV Management Belgium
Koddaert NV Management Belgium
Koddaert NV Management Belgium
Koddaert NV Owner Belgium
MANEKS Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti. General Manager Turkey
Maxion Jantaş Jant Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Purchasing Manager Turkey
Metinvest Holding LLC Head of Sales MENA markets - Sales Director Ukraine
Metinvest International SA - Istanbul Branch Office Senior Sales Manager Turkey
Metinvest International SA - Istanbul Branch Office Director Turkey
MMK Metalurji General Manager Turkey
Network Steel International Sales Spain
Network Steel Commercial Director Spain
NLMK Turkey Çelik Ticaret A.Ş. General Manager Turkey
Nucor Trading Polska Sp z o.o. General Manager Poland
Roger Emmott Associates Limited Managing Director United Kingdom
Sami Soybas Steel Industry & Trade Inc. Sales Manager Turkey
Sami Soybas Steel Industry &Trade Vice President Turkey
Specta Group Product Development Director Steel Straps Russia
Specta Group CEO Russia
SSAB Sales Director South Europe & TRMEA Spain
SSAB Swedish Steel Çelik Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti. Regional Sales Manager Turkey
Steel Data Business Development Manager Turkey
Tatmetal - Turkey
Tatmetal Sales & Marketing manager Turkey
TCUD - Turkish Steel Producers' Association Board Member Turkey
TCUD - Turkish Steel Producers' Association Director economic affairs Turkey
TCUD - Turkish Steel Producers' Association General Secretary Turkey
Tezcan Galvaniz Commercial Director Turkey
Tosyali Toyo Celik Export Sales Manager Turkey
Tosyali Toyo Celik General Manager Turkey
Tosyali Toyo Celik Marketing and Customer Relations Manager Turkey
Vesuvius İstanbul Refrakter San. Tic.A.Ş. Sales Manager Turkey
Weyland GmbH CEO Austria
YISAD Board Member Turkey
YISAD Vice President Turkey


Euro-Turkey Flat Steel Seminar 24 Oct 2018, Istanbul, Turkey

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